Pensacola, Florida Golf Courses

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For those who reside in Pensacola, Florida, golf courses are fairly easy to come across. This being said, you’ll want to be sure you’re experiencing all that Pensacola has to offer. Here’s a list of a few courses in the area that are sure to keep you entertained and golfing all day long:

  • Scenic Hills Country Club

One of the most well-known courses in the area is Scenic Hills Country Club at the University of West Florida. This is one of the more unique golf courses Florida has to offer. With the drastic elevation changes and breathtaking scenery, the Scenic Hills Country Club certainly lives up to its name, and then some. While membership isn’t required to enjoy a day on the green at this course, it certainly comes with some perks. From discounts at the pro shop and The Grille to unlimited golfing, you’ll definitely be getting your money’s worth as a member.

  • Pensacola Country Club

The Pensacola Country Club, on the other hand is the oldest private country club that Florida has to offer. It’s the perfect blend of historic architecture mixed with contemporary designs that were a product of the necessity to completely redesign after the devastation of Hurricane Ivan in 2004. Not only is the club open year round, weather permitting, but it also offers state of the art training facilities for adults and juniors alike. With multiple putting greens, short game practice areas, two practice tees, and an 18-hole course located right on Pensacola Bay, your membership will be the beginning of wonderfully scenic experiences for years to come.

  • Tiger Point Golf Club

The Tiger Point Golf Club is settled along the Santa Rosa Sound. With 18 championship holes and astonishing views, the “coastal playground” has a warm charisma that is unparalleled to others. With views of the water and city both in your sight line, you’ll be able to spend your day enjoying all that Pensacola golfing has to offer at the Tiger Point club.

After deciding on a club to visit, be sure to plan for your day in the sunshine state with caution. Check the weather forecast and always plan ahead for a hot Florida day. While many clubs have refreshments readily available, it’s never a bad idea to come ready with your own water supply to avoid risking dehydration throughout the day. With supplies in hand, you’ll be ready to enjoy a day on the green in the gorgeous Florida sunshine.

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