How to Step Up Your Putting Game

Scott Yates Florida - How to Step Up your Putting Game
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Putting is one of the most exact and challenging parts of the wonderful game of golf.  We putt when we want to make moderately short and low-speed shots, with the aim of rolling the ball in from a small distance away. On the whole, we putt when we are quite close to the hole on the green and our putter is arguably one of the most integral clubs we need for golf – hence our putting game needs to be on point.

So you have got your pride putter, but what is the best way to hold it in order to get the most exacting shot?  And what kind of style should your putt be? Well, this is dependent on what kind of shot you are doing and your skill level and style – study the below, test them out and see which one you think will suit you.

Different styles:

  • Body Putting

Widely recognized as one of the best styles of putting, this stroke is stable and allows for a steady control of both distance and speed.  It is a pendulum motion, with the golfer placing their body either side of the ball, two inches forward of the center stance. Find a comfortable length for your body, with the butt of your putter tucked lightly against your stomach, neck or chest. Put both of your hands together at the bottom of the grip and stroke.

  • Long Putter

This is another pure pendulum motion, and is a good choice for consistency on short putts. This style also has tremendous direction control, but is not recommended for long putts or in windy weather.  If this seems like your kind of putt, all you have to do is use your lead hand to anchor the butt of your putter into your chin or your chest – making sure the putterhead is off the green and up. Your other hand trails to supply the swinging motion you will need.

Get A Grip:

Your grip is completely down to preference, just like your style. You can go for a traditional grip, cross handed, palm facing, the pencil…the list is endless and your choice is down to inclination, type and distance of shot and club being used.

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