How to Add Distance to your Drive

Scott Yates Florida - How to add distance to your drive
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Your drive is an incredibly important part of your game; your long distance shot sets the tone and are something that needs to be constantly improved and evolved.  You want your drive to place you as close to the green as possible, maximizing the power and using your legs and hips to ensure your swing is as perfect as it can possibly be. It boils down to flexibility, technique and form.

So, what can you do to keep your drive progressing? Here are some top tips:

  • Club

Your club makes a real difference to the success and accuracy of your shot. If you’re a beginner, you should try and find a club that is more forgiving to your errors but is still smartly designed.  A great example of this is the Callaway X Hot Driver. It is a great price and is a popular a well-celebrated club, having won many awards and being highly recommended. This is thanks to its speed frame face, making the balls fly with some real haste, rising quickly and flying high.

  • Your Technique

Make sure your body is titled behind the ball, making it easier for you to transfer your weight. Your weight should shift, moving it to your front foot – do not place it all on your back foot. If you do this, it means your weight is in the incorrect place and you are not going to get the most out of your swing. Yes, your spine should stay back, but your body should move towards the target. When you are in the downswing, you should turn your body, using your front leg as a post. This will give you the optimum swing, combining accuracy and power.

  • Specifics

Most players who struggle with their drives are making one of three fundamental mistakes:

  • Poor Shoulder Turning

You need a full shoulder turn if you are going to ever get the most out of your drive. You ideally want a 90 degree turn to the target line. Put a club across the back of your shoulders and then rotate to the right; see how far it is comfortable for you to go.

  • Not Accelerating Enough

Your swing should be extremely fast, with the speediest part being at impact. In order to get the elusive ‘woosh’ you need some practice at sequencing your body. When you are in your downswing, your lower body need to turn and pull your midsection, after which your shoulder arms and club is pulled down with all the force.  You can practice drills of this sequence to help you improve.

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