Golf Tips for Beginners in Florida

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Golf is a labor of love for sure – it isn’t something you can pick up overnight and if you want to keep improving, you need to put in the work.  So why have we chosen this sport? Well, when you have a good round it is pretty much the best feeling ever (let’s not talk about the bad ones), it’s super social and very therapeutic  – being outside with nature in stunning landscapes is the best medicine for stress – and of course there is the element of competition!

So, you’re just starting out in the golfing world, and you want to improve on your game? Here are some ideas to try out:

  • The Fundamental Skill – Get A Grip!

Surprisingly, this is something some players (even the more competent ones) still get wrong! There are numerous different schools of thought when it comes to how you should grip your club, some much more elaborate than others.  When it comes to it, a simple approach should suit you fine. Some of the best golf teachers in the game use the unpretentious comparison of holding your club as you would a heavy suitcase. In this case (excuse the pun) you let your hand rest comfortably in the creases of your fingers, at the point where they attach into your palm. Pretty simple right? Next all you need to do is add your right hand into the mix, by placing it slightly palm up and curling your fingers underneath. Rest your little finger on your left forefinger or between this and the middle fingers and you’re set! You shouldn’t mess with the classics.

  • Fundamentals #2 – Swing away!

When you start out, the swing is seen as some overly complex, impossible motion. Well worry not, everyone was a beginner once and of course, practice makes perfect.  There is a learning curve (again – I apologize for the terribly puns) to this swing, but get the basics down and you will be improving in no time.  Firstly, when you’re starting out always keep your eyes on the ball; don’t worry about looking at anything else, just keep your head down! The club will do the hard work, you just need to make sure you hit it. Next, try and track a path with your swing in a natural way, back and forth, just relax into it. Tension in your body will make your swing off. The most important thing is to hit the center of the ball – hitting here is better than a harder swing off center.

So remember, grip simply, relax your swing and hit in the center – you can build on these basics and be a capable golfer in no time!


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