Golf Etiquette for Florida Driving Ranges

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In its origins, golf was considered a higher class sport as well as a “gentlemanly” game. As such, even today etiquette is held to a high standard on the golf course and most professionals would agree that certain rules regarding respect and dress codes must be adhered to if one plans to embrace the game of golf. While there is some leeway for rookies and casual players in places like putting greens and driving ranges, there are still certain social rules that must be followed out of respect for the property of the course and other players.

The first tenant of driving range etiquette is to respect the premises and the facilities that are being used. Even after one person leaves the range, others will follow, so it is important to keep the driving area as clean as possible. While some driving ranges in Florida require one to tee off from a mat, others that do not should try to be utilized in the near area in which the previous ball was hit. Repair all divots as best as possible if they are made and follow all range rules.

Secondly, it is of the utmost importance to be courteous to one’s fellow golfers. This is not only for the sake of human decency and good sportsmanship, but also for player safety. Rule of thumb is that each golfer on a driving range should stand at least two full club lengths away from each other person. This minimizes the chance of accidentally hitting someone with a swing, but remember to be aware of all surroundings anyways in case someone is walking by. It may sound obvious, but never walk out onto the range to retrieve balls that were hit, as ranges have employees that do this while wearing safety equipment that the player would not.

Golf can be a fun and relaxing game and the driving range is an excellent place to practice and socialize with other fans of the sport. However, please remember to follow safety rules and proper golf etiquette to make the game as enjoyable and safe as possible for everyone. For more information about golf etiquette and driving ranges in Florida, please call (800) 530-5248.

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