Florida State Golf Association

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Formed over 100 years ago in 1913, the Florida State Golf Association (or FSGA) was created in order to help preserve and promote the wonderful sport of golf. It has since come a long way, and now contains more than 800 member clubs, and upwards of 250,000 members.  Its aim is to ensure that golf continues to grow as a sport, players have room to improve and competitions to do so in, as well as making sure golfer of the future are encouraged to learn and progress.

So what does the FSGA actually do in order to make these things a reality? Well, more than 520 tournaments are held on an annual basis. These include the following:

  • Men’s Championships
  • Women’s Championships
  • Opportunity of qualify for United States Golf Association tournaments (45 days’ worth)
  • One-Day Events
  • Junior Tour
  • Winter Series

The FSGA is run by trained volunteers who work rating course, officiating tournaments, and help with both junior and amateur golf. The association also assists with college scholarships, the First Tee Program (which teaches young people values through golf) and other such programs. They also have a partnership with the USGA-GHIN; the largest handicap association across the country.

So now you know what they do, what are the benefits of becoming a part of such an association? Aside from assisting the sport and the future of it in a philanthropic manner, there are other, more personal advantages to being a part of this cornerstone of Florida’s golfing world. Firstly, and perhaps most importantly, as a regular member you are able to enter all FSGA Championships, so you can continue to hone and improve your skill with likeminded people. Additionally, you are given a personalized tag for your golf bag, as well as an electronic newsletter that keeps you up to date with all of the localized golfing world’s happenings. Being a part of this community also gives you full access to the website, which is a central hub of information; on here you can sign yourself up for tournaments, view results and shop for exclusive deals. All in all, if you are a passionate golfer who wants to protect and propel the sport, maybe joining the FSGA is for you. Check out their website for more details.





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