Chip Tips for Beginners

Scott Yates Florida - Chip Tips for Beginners
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As a beginner, you need to get the basics down before you can even consider attempting more complex swings. These include the fundamental chip swing.

Chips are a crucial swing to have in your arsenal; however it isn’t one you are going to use on every hole. These are most likely to be used when you are around the 20 yard mark or closer, and are most usually made using a wedge – although you can chip with any club. The type of swing causes the ball to fly briefly into the air, then to hit the green and roll to where you need it to be. The general aim of using this shot is to get the ball rolling if it is in a difficult spot, for example it could be stuck in the fringe or the rough, which will make you unable to putt. Think of it like this, a chip shot will be more on the ground than in the air.

So now you have brushed up on when to use a chip swing and what it is, what are some tips that will ensure your chip shot it always tip top?

  1. This is a short swing, so you need to get your hands and the club in a position where they will be at maximum impact. Your set up in this shot is extremely important; you should have a narrow, open stance (around 12 inches), your shoulders should be open also. Your body should be pre-rotated forward towards your target.
  2. Place about 80 percent of your weight on your left side, and lean forward if you are comfortable enough to, as this will assist greatly in the accuracy of your shot.  The ball should be around 2 inches to the left of your right toe.
  3. When taking the stroke, it is integral that your left wrist remains flat for the entirety of the swing – just like when you putt.  Keep your left shoulder down and the clubhead below your hands.
  4. After impact, your body should return to the original, leaning position. Turn your body through and ensure your wrist is still flat when done.

The good thing about chip shots is that they are able to be practiced in a small amount of space, even your very own yard, so you have no excuse not to improve on this integral swing. Set up a target up to 20 yards away and start practicing!

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