Best Public Golf Courses in Florida

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Best Public Golf Courses in Florida

As a golfer in Florida, you are in a very fortunate situation. There is a plethora of great golf courses to choose from, whichever area you reside in and whatever your ability or preference. Thankfully, this state has a wonderful climate, one of the most envied in the country, so golf is not segregated to certain times of the year and you can pretty much play all year round if your heart desires! So pick up your clubs and get going – after all there are plenty of different courses to explore.

A public golf course basically means it is open to any member of the public; as the name suggests. This is different to a private golf course, in which you have to pay to be a part of the club. There are generally two different types:

  1. Municipal: This type of golf course belongs to and is owned by the governmental authority, most usually a city, but it can also be a county or state.  It is frequently operated by the government, but it can also be managed by an outside company. Like all other golf course, the rates and quality of these courses is unique to each. There are many famous municipal (or ‘muni’) all across America.
  2. Daily Fees Course: These are open to the public, but are different to municipals as are owned privately. As a general rule, these are subsequently more costly to play on, but are also more upscale, although this is not always the case.

So you’re looking for a quality public golf course to play on? Well search no further; here are some suggestions and recommendations. Try them out and let us know:

  • International  Golf Club – Tavares : For the wildlife lover in you, you’re likely to see at least a few alligators on this well-loved course. There are great rates too, and although it isn’t the most immaculate, it is good fun.
  • Streamsong Red – Fort Meade: A relatively new course, the unique and dramatic landscape creates a spectacular atmosphere for this 18 hole beauty.   Although the rates are a little higher, they are certainly worth it for one of the highest rated golf courses in the state.
  • PGA National Resort & Spa – Palm Beach: Luxurious and renowned, this resort has a variety of different courses to choose from. Constantly improving and with the added bonus of wonderful facilities, it is certainly worth a visit.
  • Pine Barrens, World Woods, Brooksville:  This modern golf course is celebrated for a number of reasons: it has a breathtaking landscape, is well-designed and offers up some tough yet enjoyable holes to test your skill.

These are just some of the huge variety of premiere golf courses on offer, so get out there and try them out.

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