Best Beginner Golf Courses in Florida

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Golf is a popular sport across the country, but Florida has one of the largest followings and collection of players of the game. This is partially due to the excellent climate that we enjoy here and partially due to the dedication and love that our stateís players have for the game of golf. Of course, no one starts out as an expert in anything, so how can one begin to learn the skill and finesse required to be good at golf? What are some of the best beginner golf courses in Florida for new players to learn and practice on?

The short answer to these questions is that there are beginner golf courses spread throughout the state. While some courses are considered to be a higher caliber than others, and are usually marked so with credentials in golfing associations or affiliations with the PGA and LPGA, there are many smaller courses that are great for beginners. The best way to find easier courses is to search for local courses that have more affordable options or arenít as large as some of the big names.

That being said, there are a few that stand out in different areas across Florida. The Tampa Bay area has a number of excellent courses that cater specifically to those just starting out in the game, such as Terrace Hill Golf Club, Babe Zaharias Golf Course, and Rogers Park Golf Course. These are also located near scenic downtown Tampa, making those destinations great for tourists to Florida as well. If northern Florida is where you are looking, then Bent Creek and St. Johnís Golf Courses in Duval County offer beautiful landscapes in addition to a premier golfing experience.

We could list many great beginner courses all throughout the state, but each golferís abilities and experiences are all going to be different. Therefore, we encourage you to seek out courses that best suit your play style as you grow and develop it. For specific recommendation for beginner golf courses in the part of Florida where you live or are looking to visit, please call us at (800) 530-5248.

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