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Best Beginner Golf Courses in Florida

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Golf is a popular sport across the country, but Florida has one of the largest followings and collection of players of the game. This is partially due to the excellent climate that we enjoy here and partially due to the dedication and love that our state’s players have for the game of golf. Of course, no one starts out as an expert in anything, so how can one begin to learn the skill and finesse required to be good at golf? What are some of the best beginner golf courses in Florida for new players to learn and practice on?

The short answer to these questions is that there are beginner golf courses spread throughout the state. While some courses are considered to be a higher caliber than others, and are usually marked so with credentials in golfing associations or affiliations with the PGA and LPGA, there are many smaller courses that are great for beginners. The best way to find easier courses is to search for local courses that have more affordable options or aren’t as large as some of the big names.

That being said, there are a few that stand out in different areas across Florida. The Tampa Bay area has a number of excellent courses that cater specifically to those just starting out in the game, such as Terrace Hill Golf Club, Babe Zaharias Golf Course, and Rogers Park Golf Course. These are also located near scenic downtown Tampa, making those destinations great for tourists to Florida as well. If northern Florida is where you are looking, then Bent Creek and St. John’s Golf Courses in Duval County offer beautiful landscapes in addition to a premier golfing experience.

We could list many great beginner courses all throughout the state, but each golfer’s abilities and experiences are all going to be different. Therefore, we encourage you to seek out courses that best suit your play style as you grow and develop it. For specific recommendation for beginner golf courses in the part of Florida where you live or are looking to visit, please call us at (800) 530-5248.

Perfect Gifts for Florida Golfers

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Florida is home to many of the nation’s premier golf courses and, as such, has a large fan base of players of the sport. Like any sport, golf requires a significant amount of equipment to effectively play the game and even more accessories to make the game more enjoyable and enhance the experience. For any person you know who might be difficult to shop for on holidays and birthdays, it can be much easier if you know they are golfers because there are a number of great gifts to choose from.

In golf, there are some items that are always in demand and therefore are always legitimate gifting options. For example, even the most experienced golfer will lose balls occasionally to water hazards and out of bounds thickets, so golf balls are a solid gift idea. Golf balls are highly customizable as well, so it can be a good idea to print your own message on them for the person you are gifting. The same applies for ball markers as well. Golf tees are also always to be something a golfer can use, so custom or generic tees make perfect gifts when all else fails.

If you’re looking to gift a special someone with a higher end gift, then there are a few options as well. Most golfers prefer to use their own clubs or keep them as a set, so while it may seem obvious, clubs aren’t always the best idea as a gift. Bag towels, on the other hand, are something that do not have a high turnover, but make thoughtful and customizable gifts. If you know a person’s sizes, gloves, shoes, and visors are also great gift ideas because the former two have specific kinds used for the game.

For any golfer in your life, there are many options to choose from that make for perfect gifts. Since golf is such a prevalent sport in Florida, there are many opportunities to enhance their games and give them an edge in the competition. For more great gift ideas for Florida golfers, please call (800) 530-5248.

Golf Apparel to Pack for Visiting Florida

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While there is a lot to see and do in the state of Florida, if one is a fan of golf, then a round or two on the course should be a given part of the itinerary. With so many great courses to choose from, staggered throughout the entire state, any golfer will feel right at home on some of Florida’s great courses. But part of feeling at home on the golf course means having the right apparel and there are a few key items that one should pack when planning a golfing trip to Florida.

The most obvious items to have are the ones that are required to play the game, namely golf clubs, balls, and tees. Having a large enough golf bag to house all of these items should be a given as well. Beyond that, however, there are a number of accessories that making golfing easier and more enjoyable, especially in the Florida weather.

More so than in other parts of the country, golf shoes are useful items to be wearing because of the less solid terrain. The earth is softer in Florida, so having grips in one’s shoes make it easier to plant oneself in for a swing. Due to Florida’s marshier environment, in some courses in some parts of the state, having a golf bag towel is also a good idea in order to clean some of the muck off of recovered balls. There are also a handful of items that are useful for golfing anywhere, including Florida, such as ball markers, a glove, and a ball retrieval device.

When planning a golfing trip to Florida, having the right apparel can really make one’s game easier and more enjoyable. By adapting to the local climate and terrain, you will have everything you need to start playing like a pro down south. For more advice on golf apparel and information about different golf courses in the state of Florida, please call us at (800) 530-5248.

Putting Drills for Beginner Golfers

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Everyone has to start somewhere when beginning to learn a new skill or sport, and golf is no exception. In general, there are two main elements that people practice when it comes to golf: the long game and the short game. The long game is any major swing that gains a lot of yards, generally swings like drives and fairway shots. The short game, as the name implies, is for minor shots, most notably those on the putting green. While the only real way to practice the long game is by going to a driving range or actual golf course, putting can be practiced anywhere and is highly recommended to practice for beginners.

The two elements to putting are accuracy and power. Since accuracy is typically the most difficult, it can be easily practiced in the home or anywhere where there is a flat, even surface and a decent amount of room. Place a cup on one side of the room and try to putt a golf ball into it. Lining up this shot will improve your accuracy over time and can even help reinforce power shots by gauging how much the cup moves when hit.

If you find yourself on the practice putting green of an actual golf course, then there are even more drills one can do to improve this aspect of the game. One of the most popular is to place the golf ball only about a few feet away from the hole. You can “eyeball it” or you can use the length of one club as your measuring stick. Trying making that putt in one shot. If you do, place the ball back two club lengths away or more than a few feet and so on. This will help practice both accuracy and power, as well as the inevitable longer putts you’d encounter during a game.

Putting is one of the most important aspects of golf and one that can be easily taken for granted. Remember the old cliché that practice makes perfect and eventually you’ll be making those green shots in one go before you know it. For more useful golf practice drills, please call us at (800) 530-5248.

Golf Etiquette for Florida Driving Ranges

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In its origins, golf was considered a higher class sport as well as a “gentlemanly” game. As such, even today etiquette is held to a high standard on the golf course and most professionals would agree that certain rules regarding respect and dress codes must be adhered to if one plans to embrace the game of golf. While there is some leeway for rookies and casual players in places like putting greens and driving ranges, there are still certain social rules that must be followed out of respect for the property of the course and other players.

The first tenant of driving range etiquette is to respect the premises and the facilities that are being used. Even after one person leaves the range, others will follow, so it is important to keep the driving area as clean as possible. While some driving ranges in Florida require one to tee off from a mat, others that do not should try to be utilized in the near area in which the previous ball was hit. Repair all divots as best as possible if they are made and follow all range rules.

Secondly, it is of the utmost importance to be courteous to one’s fellow golfers. This is not only for the sake of human decency and good sportsmanship, but also for player safety. Rule of thumb is that each golfer on a driving range should stand at least two full club lengths away from each other person. This minimizes the chance of accidentally hitting someone with a swing, but remember to be aware of all surroundings anyways in case someone is walking by. It may sound obvious, but never walk out onto the range to retrieve balls that were hit, as ranges have employees that do this while wearing safety equipment that the player would not.

Golf can be a fun and relaxing game and the driving range is an excellent place to practice and socialize with other fans of the sport. However, please remember to follow safety rules and proper golf etiquette to make the game as enjoyable and safe as possible for everyone. For more information about golf etiquette and driving ranges in Florida, please call (800) 530-5248.

Preparing for your First Golf Tournament

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Golf is largely an individual sport than many play for their own enjoyment and merit. However, like any sport, there is also a level of competition involved and you will find the pinnacles of this for golf to be the tournament scene. Golf tournaments can be intimidating at first, especially if it is one’s first outing on such a competitive level. Here are a few useful tips that will hopefully help you have a fun and successful first tournament and many more.

One of the toughest parts of entering one’s first golf tournament, according to professionals that have been there, is the psychological aspect of it. Taking such a big step in one’s “career” can stir feelings of self-doubt and uncomfortableness, especially in larger tournaments where you are likely to be paired up with playing with people that you don’t know. While everyone boosts their confidence in their own ways, arriving at the tournament grounds early and saying hello to some of the other players can go a long way to making the rest of the day mentally easier. Who knows, you may even find that the other players are just as nervous as you are.

To give you a little bit of an edge, and confidence boost, one of the most important things to do when preparing for a golf tournament is practice. In the weeks and days leading up to the tournament, play a few rounds on that or similar courses and practice heavily the basic aspects of the game like driving and putting. On the day of the tournament, it is also a good idea to arrive early to hit a few balls from the range or doing some basic putting drills. You don’t want to tire yourself out too early, but doing this will certainly help you limber up and perform better during the actual tournament.

The first of any major sporting event can be nerve racking and a golf tournament is no exception. The important thing to keep in mind is to trust in your training and practice and do the best you can. For more advice regarding golf tournaments, as well as tournaments listings in your part of Florida, please call us at (800) 530-5248.

Top Affordable Golf Courses in Florida

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Golf is a sport enjoyed by many in the state of Florida, but there is no denying that it can get a little pricey sometimes for the average player. Top caliber courses can cost hundreds of dollars to play at, which leaves the more casual golfers in a position where more affordable golf courses are the most desirable. In the world of golf, cheap doesn’t necessarily mean poor quality courses and there are many golf courses throughout Florida that are both affordable and fun to play at.

Let’s start in the central part of the state. In the Orlando and central Florida areas, there are many affordable golfing options available because a lot of these courses cater to vacationers looking for a good deal. The Dubsdread and Orange Lake Golf Clubs offer not only affordable options, but also feature courses that may appeal to beginner or casual players. If more of a challenge, but still on a budget, is what one seeks, then the Windermere and Hunter’s Creek Clubs are the places to be. The Metrowest Golf Club is also a favorite of the locals.

For those in other parts of the state, there are also many affordable golf course options available. Quail Ridge in Tampa Bay is well-known in its area and beloved by locals for offering a bit of a challenge to the golfer, but not his or her wallet. Stoneybrook and Raptor Bay Golf Clubs respectively in southern Florida offer not only affordable playing, but a scenic atmosphere that captures the essence of Florida nature. This and courses like it are great for those visiting Florida because it gives them an outlook into the local atmosphere while playing the game they love.

Overall, golfing in Florida doesn’t need to be an endeavor that breaks the bank. There are many affordable and quality golf courses all around the state that are meant for the average player to enjoy the Florida weather and one of its favorite games. To learn more about the top affordable golf courses in Florida or to find one nearest you, please consult us by calling (800) 530-5248.

How to Find the Right Golf Instructor

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While golf is certainly a sport that one can pick up and learn on his or her own, it is also a complex game that requires a certain finesse and skill. To hone this skill, it is recommended to seek out the guidance and training from a professional golf instructor. Most golf courses and country clubs employ a local expert in golf to train others and offer courses to help beginners and rookies learn the game and develop their talent. How can you best find a golf instructor that suits you?

The first thing you want to look for when seeking out the right golf instructor for you is the credentials that they have. Long standing experience in the game is obviously a must, but having the proper accreditations is important as well. Many companies offer certificates that give credence to their ability to teach the game that they play, but an accreditation from the PGA or LPGA is always going to be one’s best bet. If you are unsure of a professional’s credentials, feel free to ask them, preferably before signing up for too many classes with them.

Another important thing to look for when finding the right golf instructor for you is compatibility. A golf professional might be one of the best in the business, but if you don’t feel comfortable or “click with” him or her, then you aren’t going to get the most out of your lessons. You won’t truly know this until you’ve had at least one or two lessons with an instructor, but it is an important thing to look out for before you sign up for too many classes. Remember that there is no shame in switching instructors after a lesson or two if you don’t have a desirable level of compatibility with him or her.

Finding the right golf instructor can sometimes be tricky, but there are many professionals out there who are willing and able to help you hone your skills in the game and mold you into the best player that you can be. To learn more about finding the perfect golf instructor for you, or for local listings of golf instructors in your part of Florida, please call us at (800) 530-5248.

Golfing in the Winter – Visit Florida

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Golf is a popular sport for both older and young people alike, and for good reason. Golf is less physically intensive than some of the others and it is played based on an individual’s score, so anyone can go out and play whenever he or she would like. One of the only major problems with golf is that it is always played outdoors, so certain seasons of the year may inhibit a golfer from hitting the links. Thankfully, this is a non-issue in Florida as the weather caters perfectly to the year-round golfer.

Golfing in the winter is no problem in Florida because we don’t have the same kind of snowy climate that affects the golf course. In northern states and climates, winter means snow and snow means that the courses are often shut down because it is impossible to play under such conditions. This is not the case in Florida since we almost never receive snow, so those would like to golf can do so to their hearts’ content.

Moreover, not only can one play golf in the winter in Florida, but it is the best time of year for even native Floridians to play. During the summer months, the weather is hot, which may inhibit players from going outside for a long day on the course. In the winter, however, the weather is usually much more soothing, making it an ideal time to play the sport that people love without braving the excessive heat and humidity.

If one considers his or herself to be an avid golf fan, then Florida is the place to be during the winter months. Courses stay open year round, without any inhibition from snow or chill, and golfers can relax and play knowing that this is the ideal time of year to enjoy the outdoors with a round of 18 holes. To learn more about some of the best golf courses in Florida and how to book your winter golf trip to Florida, please visit our website or call us at (800) 530-5248.

Great Golf Courses for your Florida Vacation

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One of the most prominent things that the state of Florida is known for is its tourism. People visit from all over the country to see the many attractions and historical monuments that our state has to offer and to enjoy the wonderful climate we have year round. Florida is also well known for having a strong and active golfing community due to the many players that reside here and their dedication to the sport. If you are looking to vacation in Florida sometime soon, then why not combine these two ideas and get the full Florida sporting experience?

Since Florida has such as strong golfing presence, then it is no surprise that it is home to some of the top, PGA quality courses. In fact, the PGA National Resort and Spa finds its home in Palm Beach Gardens in south Florida. Other premier courses include TPC Sawgrass in Ponte Vedra Beach and both the Red and Blue Streamsong Resort courses in Streamsong, Florida.

If you are looking for less prestigious, but more affordable options, then there are plenty to be found across the state. The Orange Lake Golf Club and Dubsdread Golf Course near Orlando are both affordable and beloved by locals and tourists alike. More south, Fox Hollow in Trinity and Stoneybrook in Naples offer quality golfing experiences for those looking for more of a challenge.

Since Florida is home to such beautiful naturescapes and climate, one might want to enjoy this as much as possible while playing golf. Raptor Bay in south Florida offers a scenic view of the gulf, while also featuring many of Florida’s natural wildlife. World Woods G.C. Rolling Oaks in Brooksville offers a walk through the prototypical forests of Florida while also providing a challenging and affordable golf outing.

There are many great golf courses to consider for your Florida vacation and all of these options provide the opportunity to capitalize on your specific golfing style and preferences. For more information about some of the best golf courses in the area of Florida that you plan on visiting, please call us at (800) 530-5248.