2016’s Best Golf Clubs

Scott Yates Florida 2016 Best Golf Clubs
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Looking back on 2016, one things for sure is that it hasn’t been boring. The same goes for golf clubs; 2016 has offered a veritable feast of designs for the golf enthusiast. Let’s take a look at some of the best on offer now the year is drawing to a close:

  • Drivers

Designed to hit the ball the farthest, a good set of drivers are essential to your club collection. You don’t just need distance, you need accuracy too. The Ping G boasts ‘Dragon Fly’ technology, meaning it increases launch more easily and is more forgiving of errors. It is smartly designed to decrease drag, meaning you get more speed for your muscle.

  • Woods

Woods are a very versatile club as they can be used as a driver if need be. You want to provide a high launch angle with a low spin. The Nike Vapor Fly is a good example of this; it has saved a great deal of weight by thinning out the face, crown and sole of the head. This helps to increase distance and the design helps with less proficient golfers.

  • Hybrids

A relatively recent fashion within golf, hybrids have becomes very popular of late. They bridge the gap between a fairway wood and an iron, as long irons are notoriously difficult to hit. Why not try the Mizuno JPX EZ; it helps you hit low and get more distance. You also get have a stable hit – more forgiveness when needed.

  • Irons

Your irons can help you progress your game to no end, you can get specific game-improvement irons, super-improvement irons and players irons. One of the best sets out right now is the Cobra King F6. The designers spent a great deal of time creating a complete set that harmonizes beautifully; hollow, high strength in the long irons to muscle-backed gap and sand wedges – this is an incredibly adaptable and intelligently created set.

  • Wedges

Used for your powerful, short shots and to get you out of sticky situations, a solid wedge is a must. Try the Callaway Mak Daddy PM Grind, with a unique shape it is specifically designed to reduce variation and has a 35% larger groove area, so you have more of a cushion for error/ It is cleverly weighted and also had a slightly wider sole to give a solid second bounce.

  • Putters

Finally, to get that ball in the hole you need a decent putter. For a blade putter, try the Bettinardi BB Series. This classic got a refurb this year, but still exudes the same classic style. It boasts a brushed nickel finish on the shaft with a honeycomb pattern. If a mallet putter is what you are searching for, the Odyssey White Hot RX is a prime piece of kit. It has a polymer face with a soft interior. Its design was created to effectively grab the ball, making for less spin.

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